Nepal Wedding Practices

Nepal is mostly a country with so many cultural groups and castes, that the rituals of marital relationship vary widely from one lifestyle to another. But despite these variations, nepali marriage ceremony traditions remain securely grounded in traditional Hindu beliefs and techniques.

One of the most popular nepali wedding traditions are those relevant to love and arranged marriages. Organized marriages continue to be quite common in rural areas, whilst love partnerships have risen in popularity just lately.

Kura Chinne (engagement ceremony)

Through this nepali marriage ceremony tradition, brides and grooms meet in the home of their families and make a commitment to one another. This is the many crucial step in establishing a marriage, so it is no surprise that this feast day is incredibly emotional and heartfelt.

Tika-tala (engagement tika)

One of the most memorable part of the diamond ceremony is the crimson tag made among the bride and groom’s sight, which symbolizes a assure to marry. This kind of marking has been online for centuries, and is known to be extremely symbolic and powerful.


In the Newari community, the groom’s family embraces the star of the event with a wedding ceremony known as supari, where the groom’s family members presents the bride-to-be with various gifts. These include pipal (sacred fig), betel nuts, sacred carefully thread and a range of other items which signify acceptance into the groom’s relatives.


In some regions, a wedding is accompanied by a ring ritual where the groom’s family members place a silver precious metal ring around the bride’s little finger and the couple exchange a bindi (thread) that is certainly said to be symbolic of their bond.

Sindoor Natural powder

On the day of your Nepali marriage, the bride’s husband applies a crimson vermillion powder, referred to as sindoor, towards the bride’s hair. That is a sign of “to be considered a couple. inches In today’s world, however , most women retain this powder for activities and festivals rather than use it every day.

Pote Tilhari

In a Nepali wedding ceremony, the star of the event is given a pote pendant or tilhari, a red and gold necklace around your neck, to be a gift via her groom. This is an indicator of their ongoing togetherness and a manifestation of their common respect.

Laja Ahuti

In another nepali wedding tradition, the woman makes 3 offerings of parched rice soaked in ghee. It’s said that these grains provide good luck and a happy marital life to the few.

Ahuti is conducted that morning on the eve of the wedding. The bride and groom stay in front of the fireplace, surrounded by good friends, along with relatives. A presiding priest guides the couples and recites a number of mantras in front of the hearth.

The couple then takes several steps in the front of the fireplace, reciting a series of vows to each other. In addition , the couple carries out a pooja in front of the flames.

Weddings in Nepal are frequently a long event that spans several days. The ceremonies and festivities are all based on online dating safety tips traditional dating nepal women religious and astrological key points which have been practiced for thousands of years in the region.